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The Adwords Experts
Why Adwords, Why Us
The Adwords Experts

Bing Accredited Professional Company

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Why choose us to create and manage your adwords & Bing accounts?
  • Creating and Managing Google Adwords accounts since 2002
  • Managing PPC accounts since 1998
  • Through knowledge and considerable experience we know what works with Adwords
  • Passionate about search marketing
  • No Fixed contracts
  • Google Premier Partners
  • Bing Accredited Professionals
  • Google Adwords search marketing specialists
  • For us old fashioned, good customer service is King!

Pay Per Click Account Creation
After carefully reviewing your sites content, we will use multiple research tools to ensure your campaigns are maximised to their potential. We focus on producing highly targeted traffic, delivered to appropriate landing pages. We will split test your adverts so we can carefully monitor their performance and conversion ratios.

Our knowledge of Analytics allows us to track how visitors arrive at your site, how they leave and how long they stay. This data allows us to constantly refine the ads/keywords to improve your ROI.

All of our PPC campaigns are monitored in the same way, regardless of size, and are constantly checked and tuned to ensure optimum performance. We recognise that responsiveness is also key to client satisfaction, which is why we ensure that requests for changes are dealt with very quickly and efficiently.

We do not require our clients to commit to a fixed contract period, allowing you complete flexibility. Our fee structure ensures our charges reflect the actual effort required to run your campaigns. Some campaigns are highly complex and require active daily management, yet have a low level of spend. Others may be relatively straightforward to manage, but have a high level of spend. By charging a fixed fee (instead of a percentage of ad spend) we are able to provide a value for money service, whatever the characteristics, and most importantly, you can be confident that there will be no no unexpected costs.

Why You Should Use Google's Adwords

Adwords unlike traditional advertising and most forms of online advertising, where messages are broadcast to a general audience, ads on Google are displayed only to people who indicate an interest in a specific topic/product. People indicate their interest by going to Google, searching for specific terms or keywords. In a split second, Google returns the search results for that particular keyword including the ads that are pertinent to the user’s search keyword. This makes ads relevant and useful in the same way as the natural search results.

91% of all searches in the UK are performed on Google. According to recent research by comScore and Neilsen NetRatings, Google was reported to be the number one search engine in 26 out of 30 countries. In addition, in a recent survey conducted by Vividence Corporation, people were asked to rate their experience with select search engine sites. 89% of the respondents reported a ‘strongly positive’ experience with Google, far surpassing the competition.

In every day conversation we are now hearing people say "I can't remember the website just google it!" More and more companies are switching their advertising online, why? because it works and none better than Google's Adwords.

Google Premier Partners & Bing Professionals