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Nick Wareham
“Since Chris has taken over our Adwords campaign the targeting and CTR has improved a lot and we are seeing a great return on investment. Chris has been doing this for a long time and clearly knows what he is doing”.
Richard Hawley
We use - a husband and wife team of great experience. They are very good value and very knowledgable. Been with them for over 4 years now and have a very well optimised campaign. (This testimonail was posted by our client on
Richard Stonebridge

Chris, I thought you may like some good news.
I'm very impressed with the change of position - it has resulted in 5 enquiries in the last 2/3 days one of which has become a substantial order!
Thanks - well done and please maintain.

Mimma Girgenti
"I undertook adwords training with Jo Gregory and am happy to recommend her teaching methods. The training I received was very thorough and presented in a simple manner. I gained a basic understanding of how google adwords works that was sufficient to run my own campaigns. Jo also managed my campaigns for me for some time, helping me to analyse the statistics. I look forward to working with her again."
Julian Baker

"Hi Chris, Many thanks for the update. We have certainly noticed an increase in enquiries coming via the website (mainly by phone but also via the enquiry) which is excellent."

Alex Marshall

"Hi Chris, So far we are seeing a steady stream of jobs coming in. The feedback from most new clients is that they found us at the top of google, so I think the changes have had a fantastic effect, we have even had a few enquiries for things like chauffeurs now and we havenít seen a chauffeur vacancy come in for quite some time now. Understood on the CPC, lets keep an eye on the average position though because I think it might be doing in our interest being high up in the top three as much as possible. If it starts to drop too much, then we could potentially look at extending the budget slightly to compensate for that but lets see how we go and take it from there. At the moment though, we seem to be appearing much higher up than most of our big competitors which is great! Many thanks, I am thus far very impressed with the effect the work has had."

Chris Hellowell

"Well it is very interesting I can see that we have zero bounce and a good number of pages and time spent from the ads. I'm amazed, thanks."

John Nixon

"A CTR of 4.1% seems pretty good and no doubt this will improve still further; furthermore an average bid of 50p is somewhat less than I had imagined; therefore I am very pleased. Thanks for all your fine work and I look forward to a continuing relationship."

Charles Whitmore
"Thank you Jo and Chris for all the work carried out on our Adwords Account. We have seen a huge improvement in the number of enquiries and orders we are now receiving, (up around 55%). We are now channeling all of our advertising revenue through Adwords and would like you guys to continue managing this for us. Plus, with Analytics we now have an accurate understanding of how our potential clients look for our service."
David Sledemere
" I am alone this week and have been inundated with enquiries amazing, and good sales also - I mean swamped and my colleagues have been out since Thursday, throw me a float!!"
James O'Neill
"Our website had been generating very few enquiries until Chris and Jo took over the management of our Adwords account. The newly created campaigns results improved immediately as they seem to know all the tricks of the trade - best money we have spent this year!"
Alan Kempster
"Hi Jo, I just looked it up, and our CTR when you started 18 months ago was 0.31%, now it's 3.76%, so youíre doing something right for sure! Thanks."
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