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We have successfully created and managed literally hundreds of Adwords campaigns!

Since we started creating and managing ppc accounts way back in 1998, we have successfully managed thousands off PPC accounts with a combined spend of hundreds of millions! We are constantly looking at ways to increase our clients conversions, whilst keeping a tight lid on spend. Analytics data always helps us to determine what is performing, and what is not of course. The data provided by Adwords and Analytics allows us to best target spend. Below is a few examples of Adwords accounts we currently manage, that were:

  • averaging 4 conversions per month, now with the same spend they convert 20 every month
  • spending £320 per conversion, now just £86
  • spending £79 per conversion, now just £19
  • averaging 0.9% ctr on Google's search network, now 3.2%
  • averaging 1.3% ctr on Google's search network, now 6.5%
  • generating 75,732 clicks per month, now 103,473, a 36.6% increase

How can we make such improvements? We are constantly keeping up to speed with the changes in technology; we have considerable experience in business, and are passionate about the service we provide. If you are looking to improve the perormance of your Adwords or Bing Account, call us now on 01689 869 263 for a free Adwords & Bing performance review.
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